PRESS RELEASE Somalia-Italia

Thanks to the Perigeo International onlus, in the Puntalnd State
University Somali-Italian relations reborn

Galkayo (Puntland State of Somalia)

The  political  and  cultural Authorities  of Puntland State  of Somalia  and  the  Italian Organization Perigeo International signed on the 13th  of May 2010 an historic agreement in the Somali Studies Center of Puntland State University - Galkayo Compus.

For  the  first  time  in history of Puntland,  relations between  Italy and Somalia have been recovered and a new office was born and started the first “Nucleo of a Ethnographic Museum to safeguard the Somali Cultural Heritage”. Laura Bacalini, projects manager and Gianluca Frinchillucci, Director of Perigeo  International  took part  in  the  Italian mission  to Somalia.

A deep and strong relationship between  Italy and Somalia based on historical  ties was already existing in the past. We think, as you should also think that Italy and Somalia are  friend countries and  the  friends  indeed help  their  friends  in need” as declared by  the Vice-president of the Puntland, Abdisamed Ali Shire.

The  Puntland  Parliament  Speaker,  Abdirashid  Mohamed  Hersi,  quotes  “The broken heart of Somalis can be cured by  the rebirth of  the  inter-relation office among our two populations and our two Countries”.

Hussein Abukar  (Somali  representative of Perigeo  International) declares his will to  see  the Puntland  being  in  close  relationship with  Italy  and with  the  rest  of  the world through cultural and social  ties, as well as with  Italians and worldwide centers,  thanks  to the Perigeo International.

Museums without borders is the title of the Perigeo project carried on in Somalia, which  is already active  in different parts of  the world  like Kofale city  in Ethiopia  (Oromya Region), and with other three museums which are currently at the implementation phase in three other areas of the Country.

Museums as bridges of peace between peoples and  cultures,  little Peacemaking operations. To recover and safeguard the cultural heritage is of primary importance for the future of a population”, as declared by Dr. Gianluca Frinchillucci, conceiver of the Project.

The  idea  has  been  promoted  by  Prof. Mohamed  Jama,  Rector  of  the  Puntland
State University of Galkayo: “After many years of lack from the Somali scene, it is offered
to  Italy  the  opportunity  to  contribute,  together  with  other  Nations,  to  the  Somali
reconstruction;  contribution which  can  determine  an  important  role  for  the  revival  of  the
historical ties and relationships between this two Countries. That’s why I thank the Perigeo
Association for this very important effort

Puntland is a reality that Italy and the whole Europe can not ignore and that is often unclearly  described  by  the  international media,  giving  the  impression  of  a  total  lack  of political  power  presence.  Indeed  this  political  power  is  present  at many  administrations levels,  that  take  care  of  both  social  and  political  affair  and  does  not  want  to  separate Somalia but proposes a federal model for the well being of the whole Country.

The  health  sector  in  Puntland  needs  absolutely  urgent  help  by  the  international community.  There  is  a  doctor  every  40.000  inhabitants  and  the  IDP  (Internal Displaced People) Refugee Camps start  to become a  real problem. We need doctors and medical staff”, this declaration is made by Abdullahi Warsame, Minister of health, to the Perigeo.

 “We believe  that hope will be born again  in Puntland  for  the whole Somalia – as
declared by Laura Bacaliniand we in particular, as Italians, have the moral duty to help
and sustain developments and peace projects here

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