My Eskimo collection

I’m an Eskimo art collector. I like to look for ethnography’s objects in all over Arctic World.

I like, in particular, the Tupilak (sculpture of bone) to Eastern Greenland.

In the photo, a detail of the bone-pictography. An Eskimo shaman with drum, maybe in an igloo.

I’ve got about one hundred objects: sculptures, Ulu, Kamik, Harpoons…

All days I look to news objects: Harpoon from Alaska, sculptures from Siberia, Tupilak from Eastern Greenland…

I’m looking for kayak and a special Alaskan harpoon.

The history of Eskimo peoples is very interesting.

My collection has been published in an illustrated catalogue of an important Eskimo art exposition.

I hope to publish a catalogue of my collection.

If you that are reading my blog, are interesting of collection Eskimo art, please write me: gfrinc@yahoo.it

Anthropology Eskimo Congress

The following 26 October, there will be a polar congress in Paris.
I’ll take part in the congress with this communication: Notes of travels: conversations with an Eastern Greenland hunter.
I’ll talk about Tobias, my hunter friend and Robert Peroni, a big polar explorer.
For me it’s the first time in an International Anthropology Eskimo Congress.

fiesta "marchigiana"

Mi tío Germano vive en Argentina y domingo hace una fiesta.
Si algo de ustedes vive en Buenos Aires, pedes ir y comer con mis amigos del Club Marchigiano San Isidro.
Tu que vas digas que eres mis amigos.
Yo recorderé siempre con amor nos hermanos que viven en Argentina y mi corazón esta siempre junto aquello de ellos.


Why is an Italian blog written in English? Memories of my travel in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, January 2006.

I am in a village of Hembeccho in Wolaita.
It is a very poor Ethiopian village, where a friend of mine works as a missionary, Father Angelo Antolini.

I walk and I stop to speak with a child.
I don’t speak a good English and the child asks me why I don’t speak English very well.
I explain that I speak Spanish and he asks me: “ why don’t you speak English?
why do you speak Spanish? All over the world speak English.”
When I came back at the catholic mission I think about him.
Now I decide to study the more spoken language in the world.
And open this blog…

For this my blog is dedicated to my friends in Ethiopia.


estudio sobre los Asháninka

Ayer he terminado mi primero estudio sobre los Asháninka del Peru.
El título de mi trabajo es: «Il manoscritto em74 dell’Archivio Generale dei Frati Minori. Storia dei primi incontri tra i missionari francescani e le popolazioni della Selva Central peruviana».
Agradezco mucho los nativos de Obenteni, Ponchoni, Valle Samaria, Tres Unidos de Matareni e San Antonio di Cheni, a todos ellos pasonk mároni bé (muchas gracias a todos.


Italia verso il Polo Nord

My photography exhibit, “Italia verso il Polo Nord” (Italy toward the North Pole) is on display in Copenhagen in the Greenland House.

This is the press release for European newspapers, written by my friend Laura Bacalini:
Great success of participation for the inauguration of the marchigian exhibition dedicated to the arctic researches of the Polar Museum "Silvio Zavatti" of Fermo, performed the last September 27th in Copenhagen.

The photographic exhibition “Italy towards the North Pole - Project Map Of Arctic Peoples”, currently exposed at the House Of The Greenland Culture, is composed of various photographic panels which show the shipments to Greenland and Siberia performed by the director of the Polar Geographical Institute “S.Zavatti”, Gianluca Frinchillucci and by Giorgio Marinelli, president of the “Perigeo” Onlus association. The show is an integranl part of the innovative Research Project “Map – Map of Arctic People”, about tutelage of arctic and subarctic populations, which has been inserted in the foreseen initiatives for the next 2007, the International Polar Year. Furthermore Frinchillucci has described the different research activities, which in these years has marked the Polar Museum Of Fermo. As regards Laura Bacalini presented an important European project about the educational issues of the polar thematics, which see the Town Hall Of Fermo and its Polar Geographical Institute leader of the initiative.

The ceremony of inauguration, had been presented by the director of the Copenhagen Italian Institute of Culture Angela Trezza as one of Denmark’s main initiatives about arctic issues, and has aroused a big interest in the audience attended.
Many were the authorities the organizers boasted the presence: from the Italian embassador Roberto di Leo, to the Swedish one Lars Grunderg, from the South-Africa and Germany embassadors, to the responsible for the Greenland government in Denmark. Special joy has rapresented for the organizer the presence of the famous explorer John Andersen. Numerous has been the international contacts the group has interweaved for future cooperations thanks to this event.
The exhibition will be visitable until next 8th of October and represents one of the biggest cultural events of the capital.

Following the show presentation, the suited have been able to taste some of the more characteristic typical products of the Marche Area: wines, cured meats and cakes have been offered to partecipants by six companies of the Fermo Area: Ceriaci of Ortezzano, Half Moon Of Fermo, the Mattera Of Fermo, Picene Earths of Monteurano, Gallucci Confectioner's and Oven Ripani Of Fermo.

The day has been also an opportunity for the turist promotion of the institutions which have contributed to the realization of the event: Regione Marche, the Town Hall Of Fermo, the Provinces Of Macerata and Ascoli and the Assessorship to the culture of the Montana Community Of The Sibylline Ones.

Leaflet and postcards of the above-mentioned institutions and relatives areas have been distributed during the exhibition and has been trasmitted the Dvd “Fermo: fifth province of Marche” cared by Media Communication. Fabio Scatasta, in representation of the municipality of Fermo, has shown the beauty of the Fermo Area.


welcome to arctic dreams

This is my new blog.

I am an Italian man. I live in the Marche. For me this my first experience writing in English. This blog is in Italian, English and Spanish.

It’s called “Arctic Dreams,” and the title comes from a wonderful book on the Arctic. But I didn’t speak only about the Arctic.
An important polar explorer, Nansen, said: “life is a big dream” and Giovanni Paolo II said: “Life is the realization of the dreams of youth.” My dreams were of the arctic, and so “Arctic dreams”.

I like travel, history of geographical exploration, photography and adventure.